The figure below attempts at a global view of all interconnections between the different types of activities. The integration between different work packages appears as links connecting two or more of them. Results obtained in linked activities will mutually influence each other and may turn out in longterm sustainable effects. For example, good results obtained on the proton structure by TMDnet (WP3) (in inclusive processes) will give important information for complementary measurements (in exclusive processes) by HardEx (WP23); these results, in turn, will be used for the creation of a database, available to the whole community, at ECT* (WP10) and will be valuable for the planning of future experiments (FAIR-CBM, FAIR-PANDA,  AIR-PAX) and for constructive collaboration with non-European facilities like JLab, and so on. There are many examples like this. From the densities of links, the integration between work packages aiming at the design of very innovative detector concepts (e.g. for experiments at FAIR) is particularly evident.

Figure 1 - Interconnection between the work packages of the project, including future experiments